Music Library

This is a small selection of music from XA. There’s more. Contact us to find out about what we can do for your production.


He spent so much time at the South Pole amongst the penguins that he’s never been quite the same since he came back.


Tells his mum he doesn’t need any tea, he’s going to his room to get his LEGO out. But, in fact he’s straight out the window and down the drainpipe; he’s built himself this bike right, with bits from an old food processor, hooked up to this NOKIA phone he found in a drawer, and it flies – a bit.


Longstanding, long suffering coach of the football team from the smallest village in southern Sweden. Every night he dreams in vivid slo-mo of the celebration as they lift the Champions League trophy up to the fans. Tears on every face. By day, he’s cabin crew for short hauls to Oslo.