22 January 2021 is WORLD ORGAN DAY!

Listen to the new album The debut album from the World Organ is released 22.1.21 as a download and a stream by XA Music. The World Organ is a sound sculpture on the Isle of Jura that adds a continually changing acoustic, harmonic layer to everything that it hears, and which it has streamed worldwide since the summer of 2020. Assembled from Giles Perring’s selection of his recordings, made from the installation over 18 months, the album comes as a 60 minute single track, ‘Lowlandman’s Bay’. Exploring the catalogue of sounds that the Organ hears and shapes, from swallows and bees via distant sheep and seals, to gales and thunderstorms, Giles describes this album as an ‘episodic’ picture of the bay on the island where the project has originated.
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